Friday, June 30, 2017

The life of sports person in singapore, Shukor Zailan is the real deal

Sports is not just based on passion in Singapore, even if they win a medal or place. A show with the sports channel, the link below with him discussess the issues.

A point is that they even had to work part time to earn money to buy boots, that is the reality, i am sure many agree and many more have done that.

The world is harsh, reality is even harsher, worst are the sports that are not yet defined as sports but are winning results.

One thing is for sure, this show, this talk is definitely making the points shown to whoever is looking.

Shukor zailan i respect you for the development point, i wish you all the best in your business, bless you with good health, he is the real deal.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Garena Young Lions of singapore

Young lions, hard to say anything about them, good or bad. They are a youth based team in Singapore, for people out there overseas, based on letting them play, get some on field time.

In reality it has failed, not just tactical, holistic, everything failed. A good example is, the page below, is the video cock up or not, sure it is good, got fancy image, moving visuals, maybe because of the technology company backing, i will not say execution fail, they pass but not a high score.

I think a good photo sometimes can do the job already, i think they no budget lah, who knows.

No need to compare, waste time, i think some national football league clubs better managed, some even got sponsor from property agents or pomade if i am not wrong, hair gel something, oh ya who can forget hair silk, is the name silk pro, top half naked photo on the mrt station, ah ! some eyes like steam, footballers like going to shower concept, i think the one on the bus better, the netball girl micky i remembered looks nicer and more like a commercial.

Art direction not clear, fail, the best is fandi, milo, saw his son kick a ball on the milo packaging, i think abang know how to manage and choose the ideas carefully. Looks good and simple, all my humble opinion.

This is the best i can do, i am not peter lim nor am i venga, i am just a person, i am a supporter of the ball, i hope Singapore football can rise, if not all of it will stay at the bottom forever.

Monday, June 26, 2017

He could have ended up as a chef instead of a champion

In life, you can let your circumstances define you or do what you can to your best and create your own luck or even win all in.

The post below shows a great example, paul lim, he became what he is today by making choices.

Only a few could have, many did, but how many become champions, not many.

If you have the drive, desire and determination to succeed, it will come, not just in sports, it may come in business, or even your love life.

Be somebody if you want to be, go and achieve if this place is not good enough, be forthcoming.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Matthew Yap lifted 208kg on his last attempt to break the world mark of 207.5kg

Matthew yap, raise the flag of Singapore for power lifting. but behind every success, is hard work, daily training, then shit happens, he does not have money to come back home.

He works i guess and also savings, at least in his age group, he has achieve results.

The important question is will he be there at Olympic level or the Asian games, most likely you have to ask him yourself.

Goh tat chuan is someone i can remember, he totally left the football scene, maybe i should try to find online what is he up to recently.

About the talents thing, where is sherif al masri, the speedy winger, i guess you have to ask him yourself also.

Not much news now, in sports or other issues, with the things happen, most are the same, oh ya the tampines rovers team have changed the front man, you could see it coming, most followers and readers, or die hard supporters would have seen something, so many things leading to this.

Who be the playa, with the money, we shall see, i hope it is better or as good as mister teo, which is highly unlikely, not many people can be in the scene for so long, with money and try to do something.

With that said, the future is not bright, i have done my part by writing, good luck to those who wish to do this full time, i hope you have plan b or c or otherwise.

I hope those who are going, be aware and have knowledge, the young generation has information now, back in the olden days with no record, it was all pure instinct, playing with the club badge on your chest only, progressing till now, data analysis is all the rage, data mining, and its related stuff, in the end all about the money.

I should not worry about the younger ones, i am actually worried about the old timers, they might be left with nothing, no support or anything, anyways best of luck for today that is, true to void deck boy style, adios, tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ismail Yunos reviews the past 7 days in Singapore football

If you are looking for insights into Singapore football, especially from a players view point, here it is, ismail yunos, a tall leggy player who has heart, soul, most importantly grit.

The video below, touches on the points of many, how is the scene like now currently.

It is fun sometimes serious yet casual, recently and decent, covering all points are hard, in all honesty, the critical point is the management picking up the points, like meeting and communicating with the players.

Please watch it in full, it is about one hour in length, many issues and comments from readers, interesting for some points, enjoy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Johor has new head coach

Johor has a new coach, manage clubs, many before, but more importantly, the youth, former coach is back at jdt 2.

He seems to be happy, in the post below, the prince introducing him to the players, i hope that he can bring some spark, if not quite useless, the team is already in top gear.

I have some readers from Indonesia, your football scene is getting better after the incident years back, your country is good at sports, it has brought back medals at world and Olympic level, home grown some more mostly. I will hope to write some football stuff or if i can go visit.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bangkok glass 8 goals

It has been a goal festival for bangkok glass, while the transfers are signed, bangkok glass put 8 goals pass super power.

The video show the goals, not the best squad but with some old guards they will can score, perhaps old is gold in Thailand also, at least they are scoring, results do not lie.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Local football no fans, whose fault ?

In football, just like everything in life, it is a two way thing, seldom it is one way, that is a simplistic way of thinking, and this is just about the way things are.

In football fans are everything, if not please stay away from professional football, you know what it means, only in Singapore this means another thing.

Lack of leadership, lack of ownership, lack of belonging, lack of ideas, lack of identity, it is the lack of communication that cause all this to happen.

Humans harp on the issue because they are not treated right, this occurs in all levels of society.

Supporters losing the support, even not coming down, in reality, people got job, got family got to feed himself. Why would someone pay money to see something he does not want, forced loved got happiness, perhaps not. These people out there are not just stupid, they are naive, not forgetting those who do it for their own sake, it takes not just iq, eq, sense of awareness, so many things to work out and fall into place.

Most people cannot handle the truth, and choose to ignore the issue, worst even cry wolf. Worst of all, talk from top down, think like talking to brainless people, learn from across the causeway, look at how the crown prince talk, i am sure he practice and most importantly reason out with explanations.

This is not just do it, they have plans and concrete solutions that have been implemented and tired and refined, They forgetting one thing, we used to do well, even when there is no money, but it is long ago, those people are gone, times have changed, sure you can change, then those who do not, conflict.

This is will always be there until the end of time, why do other countries do well then, it comes down to one thing, culture.

There is no culture of hard work, commitment, so many things, i have said it many times, i would not say it have fallen on deaf ears, it is the norm in Singapore.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Azkals won ! they are on top in south east asian football

The azkals won, they are not just the top in ranking in south east Asia now, they are the best.

The team showed, team work, key points, what a good striker can do or should i say all worked, perform maybe some lapse not that good, partly on the focus part, but overall they win, away, the video post below shows the game.

Sato is class, now playing in Europe, his accent, Spanish, English, and many more, key is that what a goal, like hafiz of Singapore, can play at flank well, perhaps hafiz can go play with him, maybe his agent can ask for help link up with sato, that is good man if can happen.

Singapore can learn from them, not so far, in south east Asia, Thailand drew, most in the Asia context, won by a odd goal or we held at home.

But this azkal player keep getting the red card or cause penalties, some online readers even say fixed, i guess it is just him to played like that.

In the end, they won, Vietnam drew too, nothing to say, Singapore lost many many, sad, sad.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Singapore football needs a newin

Dear readers of the world, it seems to me like i have more readers from all over the world than in my country of Singapore.

That is the case, seldom do people care, it is not their problem, culture or anything, there are supporters so to speak, i wish them well.

In Thailand, buriram is a name people would not know years ago, now it is a big name in south east asia, even the world.

The most important factor, the person in charge, the post below is him.

In football or in any business, a leader must be there, in Singapore there is not, a batch of people is.

Yes there is, in history uncle choo, mister teo, many more actually, but now currently, we need young blood to step up, but in reality they have no opportunity, we need to feed ourselves, survival is the key.

Perhaps the only route is overseas, because there is success on the world stage, schooling plus his parents who have the money.

True to void deck boy style, like that how can. There is nothing much i can do now, i will keep writing this, because that is the best i can do, i tired.

Monday, June 12, 2017

中华台北足球队, 有激情和心

中华台北, 在场上打得好.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nail in the coffin for singapore football, chinese taipei wins

It is a very sad day for Singapore football, i have just written about the issue, rock bottom, now it is the dead.

Excuses time, Singapore has no fitness, no nothing, the scorer is also the one who gives away one goal.

Daniel said, we are short, actually all are useless, no chemistry, no shit, no luck, i do not agree that taipei have no quality, no quality can win you, you sleeping ah.

You want face only, the closing of singapore football history was the Malaysia cup days, the dream team so to speak that was the end, now it is a deeper end. I had so mach passion then, everyday i talk about football, why waste time, i am happy that i did not get selected or even tried for any big team, most of my friends were also not selected, bias everywhere in the system.

On the other side, chinese taipei did very well, great control of the ball, push up the attacking half in numbers.

The only thing i can say is that, with their talents from overseas, those not local, they might just be like Singapore ten years later, anyway that is their problem, i wish them all the best.

It comes with great sorrow that Singapore might never ever recover, it is over, guys take care.

Friday, June 9, 2017

2019 afc asian cup qualifiers, singapore vs chinese taipei

The people of the world, chinese taipei is coming to town, for a football match. the post below shows that they are in singapore now, i saw some old faces, old timers, inculding a person of interest from turkey, he is seen with his hair short, i saw him playing for tatung, that was years ago.

With their foreign talents, will it be a better result for them, surely it will be a tough time with the heat, all will be sweating buckets. sundram has ask, be the 12 th man, hope people will come and support.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Messi coming or not ah ?

Money not enough or where got time ?

I will not waste time for this, deal or no deal, glory hunters, gold diggers, all belong to the same pathetic category, please do not mind me, all this i learn from a kid, only for today or should i adopt this style as my choice for the online blog, on a interesting note, they seem to know and come out with their own taste of things or words, part and parcel of growing up and becoming a adult.

Innovativeness at its best, too raw or too vulgar to type here, back to reality, did messi planned this all along, then you have been taken for a ride, true to void deck boy style, orbi good.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

South china aa leaving top tier and staying with the azkals or not

South china aa is leaving the top tier in football in hong kong. Money perhaps, i certainly do not expect this to happen.

Along with kitchee and eastern, the big names, now their approach is youth development is stated in the statement, that is it, a 10 year plan.

I hope south china aa can be more than just a new direction.

Next, an article by bob, a passionate fan, he has written many outstanding posts, clear and most importantly points that are real. The link is below.

Validity is the way, i have just written about it, country or yourself, the azkals have the best side at least on ranking currently.

They seen to be on the path of Singapore, with half blood players, without any pledge for the soul.

It is the issue, some were sad, some happy, but they are creating history for the younger generation like the dream team of ours.

The positive is that, the league is already set in place, the clubs and other people who believe are already setting up young teams, i hope in 10 years the juniors have a chance to play in the league, hopefully it will be better managed on a bigger scale in order for the scene to grow.

Give local players a chance, the azkals have potential to do better, in sports, they just have to give the players an opportunity to play on the field.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

In darts, old is gold, paul lim

This is for you, a legend, paul lim.

Watch this and you will know who is him, the video link below show his actions, sometimes old is good.

His partner is alright, i do know how darts is played but i know, he has passion, he pointed at his brain, after the game, in any sport, self awareness is important, just need more calmness on the nerves.

Darts is a game not well known, in Singapore that is, but i just want people to know, in the interview, paul lim said, for the country, to play for the country, now that is soul for the people. I like how they cheer, i think they are the Spanish, singpur they say, nice, the Spanish have soul, it is in their culture.

If you play for you self that is alright, if you played for your people, that is gold, if your play for your country, that is fill in the blanks.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Again issues with local football scene

Time to talk about issues again, same old few things lah. An article and fellow supporter felt the same when i read a write up, do not know talk what man.

Number one, change change change, where is the change ? evidence ? talk cock lah, as usual.

Number two, specifically about change, where the plans ?

Number three, enough talk, worst talk about elite ?

Time to draw the line, about things on the other side.

Compare the national football league facebook and unofficial podcast, a brief browse, i think the podcast has more details and more effort, one can say and keep on saying blah, bonded by sponsors, your auntie lah, find better sponsors lah, very productive indeed, i am fair, i try to see both side leh bro.

It is because you are been paid, not enough is the cash, more ? or a no budget, run like a fan club approach working, same lor, the irony, ownself check ownself. This one own production value high, the people, always have been and always will make the difference.

The other issue is with elite, this word, the people, highly unlikely to change, this word, it is absolutely absurd to use in this context, elite, you are at a bloody low level, rank bottom, not even top 100, talk cock again about elite.

Perhaps these people are living in a dream, most are operating for their own motives. That is enough for today.

Finally to end, a hope for the future from the past, the dream team was the final great moment, while some have moved on, some still hold on to the past for the dream, the jersey still looks nice, the video below shows the old timers, peace and take care everyone.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The darts and 1st anniversary of my blog

The anniversary of my blog has come, time has come and gone, some things has not changed at all, especially in football or sports as a whole, which is close to my heart.

In the sports world, Singapore won against the best, a uncle from Singapore, might be the oldest, but surely he has soul.

The post below shows the Singaporeans, when i talk to the uncles most are more friendly, more nice, more real, one moment just happen today, a uncle nice, not pushy, simple small talk, just 1 min and that's it.

It is the older generation who has the wisdom and soul, when i ask them what is the difference now and then, most of them say, now people lack heart. 

It is true that, true to void deck boy Singapore style, I will like to introduce Singaporean culture to the world, the unbelievable, i so stunned like vegetable, enjoy.