Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Singapore football needs a newin

Dear readers of the world, it seems to me like i have more readers from all over the world than in my country of Singapore.

That is the case, seldom do people care, it is not their problem, culture or anything, there are supporters so to speak, i wish them well.

In Thailand, buriram is a name people would not know years ago, now it is a big name in south east asia, even the world.

The most important factor, the person in charge, the post below is him.

In football or in any business, a leader must be there, in Singapore there is not, a batch of people is.

Yes there is, in history uncle choo, mister teo, many more actually, but now currently, we need young blood to step up, but in reality they have no opportunity, we need to feed ourselves, survival is the key.

Perhaps the only route is overseas, because there is success on the world stage, schooling plus his parents who have the money.

True to void deck boy style, like that how can. There is nothing much i can do now, i will keep writing this, because that is the best i can do, i tired.

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