Sunday, November 20, 2016

Aff suzuki cup 2016, combo results, vietnam win, malaysia win

The suzuki cup has not brought any surprises, i predicted, Vietnam to win, Malaysia to win, i was both right.

Now with even better results, i can say Malaysia and Vietnam will go through.

Done with that, the other group i cannot say still as Singapore in my country, i will certainly like Singapore to go, but with results not in the winning side, hard.

Vietnam had a slow start, i watched the match, they have some good chances, i guess they are storing their energy for Malaysia and the future, Thailand have to storage energy but i guess they do not need, they have too many attacking players.

I guess we see the next match, Singapore and Thailand, i hope Singapore win but hard unless tactics spot on with performing abilities. All the best to the players for the Singapore team. 

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