Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Aff suzuki cup 2016, combo results, thailand win against singapore, indonesia draw with philippines

Thailand won against singapore, singapore were defending most of the time, soaking up and then counter attacking, i even saw jumaat jantan attacking, this shows that our youth development has failed, badly, the management peak at the early 1990s to 2000.

Later after all that was a shit, the youth players, so to speak, favoritism all this rubbish, no love for the football, then do not play. I am not sad, why should i be, money talks now.

Singapore's attacking football has come to end, will the next generation step up, looking at them, winning hong kong, nothing to be happy about, drop, drop, rock bottom liao, time will come for change, time to wake up lah.

Malaysia cup days are over, glory no more, for who these idiots, own self check own self. Actually those are the final attacking glory days, fandi, malek, rafi, steven, sasikumar, and many more, are you listening, suddenly so many more views on my blog, any comments, views, anything, please share.

Macam paham, venga time.

The azkals had a great fight with the hungry Indonesians, goals after goal and finally a draw, watched both matches, this match is like a great show, best match so far for me that i have watched, entertainment at its best. 

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