Tuesday, April 3, 2018

They have forgotten it is all about talent

Football is now all about money, no matter how you put is across it is about the same anywhere in the world.

If you are not a talent, meaning tall, fast or have a skilled left foot, you are useless.

That is professional football.

No matter what you do to brand, under all that surface is the content, it is still the same.

I will not say it is universal, but true to void deck boy style, like that lor.

One thing to mention, it is about the youth, some have been misled, some lost, at the end of day, youth are the future, you must plan, you reap what you sow, more for the pioneers and the management at the top.

Nothing much has changed, just as I predicted, the end of the sleague.

For those die hard supporters I salute you. I will keep my focus of still writing about local football as and when I have time.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Messi j with a head goal in the j league

The Thais are the best now, just 10 years ago, the Thai league was at its baby days.

Now it is the to go league in south east Asia. The video below shows Messi j with a goal, with his head.

The shortest person on the field and scoring, it take brain, body and most importantly luck.

Now for the void deck boy style words, like that Singapore can or not, wait long long.

I would like to say hi to the readers who are still viewing this blog, thank you, I will try to update with some news on any topics. I am grateful for those who still read and are reading this.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

local football scene, sign ups

The local scene has many changes again, this is some of the selected slots for my post.

This sign up is a good one, for me, one of the best is him, i have seen him play, good at attacking and also good at defending, a class player for the team.

The next player is a hard worker, home united has signed shakir. This is my pick for the 2nd of my post. Anywhere he goes he is quality.

Finally the last but not the least, true to void deck boy style, from woodlands to tampines, the eye of the tiger but as calm and collected as a leopard waiting to attack, ismadi the man.

His time in yellow jersey still lingers in my mind, but he has now sign for warriors. This is what a football player should be like, a speedy, hardworking and most importantly true to himself. When i think of him i think of another ismail also, a true person. Well i wish all the players a good season ahead.