Sunday, September 27, 2020

The tunnel


I watch a movie from Norway, titled the tunnel, I paid money for this, I never watch films from them normally.

A good film, the trailer is above, the trailer shows most of the things, but some scenes are just set up nice.

Please go and support this movie, a direct movie I would say it, a simple story to understand with some twists.

4 out of 5 stars, I would never have thought films from Norway could be great to watch, refreshing for some reason.

Movies from the states or India are ones to watch, now even china and others are catching up, I will like to watch more genres, any director reading this, create more movie of not just action, but romance even comedy storylines for the masses to watch, like a mister bean but not from the English speaking world or any movie producing countries.

A movie from Mexico about funny stuff would be a real idea to consider for a theme, I do not hear movies from Africa much, but seem some short clips. A action science fiction would be truly amazing.

I think I will watch an asian film next, not much news about football in general, the Thai league has started, leagues will start soon around the world. More entertainment will be resuming, just support them when they do start, sports or movies. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

I'm Livin' It


I watch a movie recently, a good one, I am loving it. I mean the title of the movie is i'm living it.

A Hong Kong movie about poor people living a hard life, a good look into what is going on in real life.

A person who lost it all, from an investor to a vagrant, to even a young girl with her mother.

I have seen pictures from news agencies, videos not much, but this film offers alot of insights and shows how they are living day to day in reality.

The most striking part is that, even a young person, under 10 is able to understand the hardships, the level of innocent is lost or should I say matured beyond her age. This scene hit me, the unity of people under crisis, the solidarity and also when misfortune falls onto a fellow human being is discouraging, mixed feelings.

Hong Kong movies are good, but watching them as I was growing up, I learnt alot about values and life, but since 10 years or more ago, things change for the worst.

I spent money on this, I will support the arts, commercial arts that is, maybe next is a Japanese or european film, catch this one everyone, a good view about life in general in Hong Kong for the poor.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Eight Hundred


I have just watched this movie titled the eight hundred, it is a great movie. The trailer is shown in the above link.

The movie is about the war during Japanese invasion of china, the movie shows some stuff but not all is real, as a history person, some parts are sensationalise for the viewing of the general public.

But some thoughts are, a Great War movie from china is Nanjing Nanjing, I saw the Japanese solider in this film. He does not fit the role well.

Next is that the effects, all are on point, some parts felt bit weird, I would say is the screenplay, the scene selection, other than that everyone should watch it, it will be a nice film for entertainment.

What I felt as a person in the theatre is that, in the hearts of people who put their hope and own lives for the sake of the country. Where are such people in the world, not many people are.

A scene felt real to my bone, the soldiers are the real people of china.

In life, some are cowards, some are crazy, but in the end, some fulfil the orders that they are given. Such is the honour of human beings, a movie can share and tell so much in just a few hours.

I will like to thank the people who sacrifice one's life for someone or something, would you lay down your life for the country?