Friday, July 21, 2017

A hole in the basket for singapore football

This year is a mockery of the management of Singapore as a whole.

In particular Singapore football, first i will like to thank the supporters of warriors, the fans who still have passion, the natives, shahril ishak, bai, those who have serve us well, the fringe players and wannabes also.

Next, is to thank myself for still having the honor of Singapore football in my heart, it has end till there is no end, the management should become Japanese wholesale better, change the whole country better.

This is a joke, i hope for nothing. All talk, no walking the talk.

All things, everything foreign, a pile of rubbish, like i said before, i urge those who have talent to leave, especially the natives, good luck.

Good luck to Singapore as a whole, take care.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Under 23 football in afc

Results were as usual, but some results stands out, this one below, i never forget how the mongols draw us Singaporeans in 2016. A draw, just look at the results.

Now is Thailand, and Thailand seem to not play well under certain conditions just like Malaysia but they won so far.

The team from Vietnam seem to be the best, while the Koreans got a 10 goals scoreline.

If any progress at youth level, about south east asia on a world level, malaysia is on top, while vietnam is constant, the thais seem to be dropping, i wonder if it is the people or otherwise, anyway i only took at the results and that was it.

We shall see the end results, i hope malaysia goes through and win all matches, vietnam also.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hanafi savours second chance

This boy has some talent, i believe he has awaken from a learning point in his life. I remember his dribbling skills during the youth Olympic games.

He was one of a few who left a impression off, some faded, some i do not know what happen, this is the person who has been given a second chance.

I wish you all the best, i hope you do yourself proud.