Saturday, January 18, 2020

Mat yo joins Thai League

Mat yo has join Bangkok glass, a class player, calm, cool and many more. The link below shows the official status, he has said to bring at least one cup, indeed a good and most important, a footballer.

The funny thing is that the player in white used to play in Singapore, he has even appeared in movies,  those Thai who are into the media scene will know, I am from Singapore, I was shock to see him in a movie also, that was years ago. 

As a person who loves sports, I wish mat yo to score at least 5 goals, I hope for more, which is for Bangkok glass to stay in the top tier for many years to come.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

look inside china's sports camps

Living in Singapore, sports is seldom talked about in everyday life, some say because of culture, some say because of life.

For me, this is all rubbish, I saw this video long ago about training camps in china, this link shows china sports camps, a glimpse,

From young I like sports, as far as I can remember, most of the coaches were doing selection of a basis which is similar all around the world, your height, weight, even your parents height.

But they do not select the person who has the will to go all the way, never once I was selected for a team which has the means of coaching at a elite or even national level, because all the teams were run like a class, which does not work for sports.

I believe even today with no evidence, it still is the same. 

I can even remember once I was not selected because I had no skill, I would like to relate that instance to todays sports scene.

Is china a backward country, I think that it is a joke, china has always been better than Singapore, now and forever, in sports or even economy, the Singapore dollar is stronger or should I say is the china money more smelly.

Some people will just keeping saying, I think it is about time that they treat sports not just for the elites or some teams only, sports is for everyone, even if you are on a wheelchair or disabled.

Sometime I wonder is this country regressing, then when I take a step back I think, then I am awaken, it is the people who are unable to see or choose to not see. The people who are managing are not capable, incompetent and most importantly, fail to see beyond a person physical standards, which is only one point.

Many do not even have interest in sports, let alone do the sport, a good point in the video is, a good base, which is to let everyone do the sports, a good foundation, a good number, even for fun or simply to burn weight.

Everyone can join the team but not everyone can be an olympic gold medallist.

Infighting, bickering, a teacher once even said that having pride for the country is making a mockery. No wonder Singapore is going to fail in sports for a long time. 

True to void deck boy style, wayang to the max, anyway thanks to all the readers who still read this blog, see you in the next post.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Tiong Bahru is back or should i say tanjong pagar

A good news is considered great in Singapore sports, not just football. The link below is the whole story.

The team has some faces, samawira the legend of best players still coaching and playing, next some players who can still play can come back and play.

Finally I like that after all this while it stills runs like a football club, the old style that is, tiong bahru style, maybe next woodlands, if woodlands come back, i will try to make time to go see a match if I have free time. Writing is already a luxury, in Singapore either school or work, it is rare to have time to spare. 

Best of luck, I wish the comeback club well, please stay true to football.