Thursday, March 2, 2017

Eastern sports club draw with kawasaki

Just days ago i have written about eastern sports club, they have improved or should i say, lucky.

The post below shows the score, a first point earn. Are the Japanese suffering from a low birth rate, thus the lack of young players playing upfront, in Singapore there is a shortage of manpower.

I guess the problem is also present in japan.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Muangthong united win over kashima

The thais won over kashima, 2 - 1, history has been made, the thais might even go world cup if the policy change.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

We stand together, bangkok united win big and Mister teo has spoken

In Singapore, football has taken a step back, in my opinion, not just with reasons.

Just one point for today, no new blood.

On the other hand, we stand together, i have always like their taglines, Bangkok united has 6 goals to play, the post below shows it.

With the Singapore league starting soon, we shall see, the great eastern-hyundai s.league with a new sponsor will make any difference.

Those who want to know, which i think are little, here is the summary of football scene now in Singapore for those overseas people or those who need information.

In the video below, he is mister teo, a football personality well know in the scene. He says all the key and important points, the truth.

No passion, no accountability, they just walk out only, true to void deck boy style, power lah mister teo.