Friday, June 16, 2017

Local football no fans, whose fault ?

In football, just like everything in life, it is a two way thing, seldom it is one way, that is a simplistic way of thinking, and this is just about the way things are.

In football fans are everything, if not please stay away from professional football, you know what it means, only in Singapore this means another thing.

Lack of leadership, lack of ownership, lack of belonging, lack of ideas, lack of identity, it is the lack of communication that cause all this to happen.

Humans harp on the issue because they are not treated right, this occurs in all levels of society.

Supporters losing the support, even not coming down, in reality, people got job, got family got to feed himself. Why would someone pay money to see something he does not want, forced loved got happiness, perhaps not. These people out there are not just stupid, they are naive, not forgetting those who do it for their own sake, it takes not just iq, eq, sense of awareness, so many things to work out and fall into place.

Most people cannot handle the truth, and choose to ignore the issue, worst even cry wolf. Worst of all, talk from top down, think like talking to brainless people, learn from across the causeway, look at how the crown prince talk, i am sure he practice and most importantly reason out with explanations.

This is not just do it, they have plans and concrete solutions that have been implemented and tired and refined, They forgetting one thing, we used to do well, even when there is no money, but it is long ago, those people are gone, times have changed, sure you can change, then those who do not, conflict.

This is will always be there until the end of time, why do other countries do well then, it comes down to one thing, culture.

There is no culture of hard work, commitment, so many things, i have said it many times, i would not say it have fallen on deaf ears, it is the norm in Singapore.

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