Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Azkals won ! they are on top in south east asian football

The azkals won, they are not just the top in ranking in south east Asia now, they are the best.

The team showed, team work, key points, what a good striker can do or should i say all worked, perform maybe some lapse not that good, partly on the focus part, but overall they win, away, the video post below shows the game.

Sato is class, now playing in Europe, his accent, Spanish, English, and many more, key is that what a goal, like hafiz of Singapore, can play at flank well, perhaps hafiz can go play with him, maybe his agent can ask for help link up with sato, that is good man if can happen.

Singapore can learn from them, not so far, in south east Asia, Thailand drew, most in the Asia context, won by a odd goal or we held at home.

But this azkal player keep getting the red card or cause penalties, some online readers even say fixed, i guess it is just him to played like that.

In the end, they won, Vietnam drew too, nothing to say, Singapore lost many many, sad, sad.

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