Sunday, June 4, 2017

In darts, old is gold, paul lim

This is for you, a legend, paul lim.

Watch this and you will know who is him, the video link below show his actions, sometimes old is good.

His partner is alright, i do know how darts is played but i know, he has passion, he pointed at his brain, after the game, in any sport, self awareness is important, just need more calmness on the nerves.

Darts is a game not well known, in Singapore that is, but i just want people to know, in the interview, paul lim said, for the country, to play for the country, now that is soul for the people. I like how they cheer, i think they are the Spanish, singpur they say, nice, the Spanish have soul, it is in their culture.

If you play for you self that is alright, if you played for your people, that is gold, if your play for your country, that is fill in the blanks.

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