Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nail in the coffin for singapore football, chinese taipei wins

It is a very sad day for Singapore football, i have just written about the issue, rock bottom, now it is the dead.

Excuses time, Singapore has no fitness, no nothing, the scorer is also the one who gives away one goal.

Daniel said, we are short, actually all are useless, no chemistry, no shit, no luck, i do not agree that taipei have no quality, no quality can win you, you sleeping ah.

You want face only, the closing of singapore football history was the Malaysia cup days, the dream team so to speak that was the end, now it is a deeper end. I had so mach passion then, everyday i talk about football, why waste time, i am happy that i did not get selected or even tried for any big team, most of my friends were also not selected, bias everywhere in the system.

On the other side, chinese taipei did very well, great control of the ball, push up the attacking half in numbers.

The only thing i can say is that, with their talents from overseas, those not local, they might just be like Singapore ten years later, anyway that is their problem, i wish them all the best.

It comes with great sorrow that Singapore might never ever recover, it is over, guys take care.

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