Wednesday, June 7, 2017

South china aa leaving top tier and staying with the azkals or not

South china aa is leaving the top tier in football in hong kong. Money perhaps, i certainly do not expect this to happen.

Along with kitchee and eastern, the big names, now their approach is youth development is stated in the statement, that is it, a 10 year plan.

I hope south china aa can be more than just a new direction.

Next, an article by bob, a passionate fan, he has written many outstanding posts, clear and most importantly points that are real. The link is below.

Validity is the way, i have just written about it, country or yourself, the azkals have the best side at least on ranking currently.

They seen to be on the path of Singapore, with half blood players, without any pledge for the soul.

It is the issue, some were sad, some happy, but they are creating history for the younger generation like the dream team of ours.

The positive is that, the league is already set in place, the clubs and other people who believe are already setting up young teams, i hope in 10 years the juniors have a chance to play in the league, hopefully it will be better managed on a bigger scale in order for the scene to grow.

Give local players a chance, the azkals have potential to do better, in sports, they just have to give the players an opportunity to play on the field.

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