Saturday, June 3, 2017

Again issues with local football scene

Time to talk about issues again, same old few things lah. An article and fellow supporter felt the same when i read a write up, do not know talk what man.

Number one, change change change, where is the change ? evidence ? talk cock lah, as usual.

Number two, specifically about change, where the plans ?

Number three, enough talk, worst talk about elite ?

Time to draw the line, about things on the other side.

Compare the national football league facebook and unofficial podcast, a brief browse, i think the podcast has more details and more effort, one can say and keep on saying blah, bonded by sponsors, your auntie lah, find better sponsors lah, very productive indeed, i am fair, i try to see both side leh bro.

It is because you are been paid, not enough is the cash, more ? or a no budget, run like a fan club approach working, same lor, the irony, ownself check ownself. This one own production value high, the people, always have been and always will make the difference.

The other issue is with elite, this word, the people, highly unlikely to change, this word, it is absolutely absurd to use in this context, elite, you are at a bloody low level, rank bottom, not even top 100, talk cock again about elite.

Perhaps these people are living in a dream, most are operating for their own motives. That is enough for today.

Finally to end, a hope for the future from the past, the dream team was the final great moment, while some have moved on, some still hold on to the past for the dream, the jersey still looks nice, the video below shows the old timers, peace and take care everyone.

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