Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Home united won against global

I was watching the match, woah, a great match, just when hope was lost, it was there.

Home united facebook has shared the match in the link below.

I caught the match from the late first half, normal, after that saw a red card, with global attacking, then home scoring a great free kick.

But i will like to look at facts and scores for today, the scorers are not local, for home, for global i would say yes, expect the worst not better, so what is the end result, a draw or they win, handicap.

The team from global has now caught up with Singapore, they are at a high level now, sometimes even better than Singapore, they have a good league set up, youths running up and down for the team.

In Singapore i guess only home united have the youth direction, in short, we are at the level of the azkals. Good luck to the Singaporeans youths, the upcoming sea games would be a good gauge again, or are we at even lower than that.

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