Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Singapore football has reached rock bottom

The time has come to say about things again, about football that is.

The young lions kanna trash by the white swans. The video link is below.

In my memory, big score lines, not many, but many are from the white swans, one thing we can learn from the Japanese is courage and most importantly not passion but soul.

Courage to play outside their comfort level, out of their country, out of their culture, the older batch may have problems, the younger ones now do not. They are Japanese, once you hear the Japanese word, you think of honor, glory, selflessness. That is just one side, they are humans also, they also lie, cheat, steal, do not forget about the adult videos which are world famous. Media plays a part of how people see the world, how they define it, is how they view, simple. You will be shocked, the most incorruptible countries are not the Japanese, it is singapore or the European countries, if you have dealings or worked with ang mo and japanese, you have in mind a better comparative of the real situation.

I am just trying to say that, some things work, some things not, it we look at the Japanese, it it how they have made things local, even in a foreign setting, they have success.

This can be seen in the video of the high goals scored. These are fringe players, not even top tier players, but they do know that chances do not come often, make the best of it, to hell even the local players or seniors players said it, but seldom do they take it seriously.

Next, do people even care, none, there are 3 types, firstly, people who still care, some are the old timers, hardcore i would say, they are still with the team when i go and watch, be it care for the team, just to kill time or whatever reason.

Followed by the do not care team 100%, haven say finish, say Singapore football no hope, totally.

Lastly we have the care not care people, those who got hope and those they say do not care on the surface.

I hope they are still around, with hope.

We are in this state because there are people with no direction, simply for their own direction. True to void deck boy style, ownself check ownself, those who did the things are long gone, soon there will be nothing left, who to blame, yourself.

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