Friday, June 2, 2017

The darts and 1st anniversary of my blog

The anniversary of my blog has come, time has come and gone, some things has not changed at all, especially in football or sports as a whole, which is close to my heart.

In the sports world, Singapore won against the best, a uncle from Singapore, might be the oldest, but surely he has soul.

The post below shows the Singaporeans, when i talk to the uncles most are more friendly, more nice, more real, one moment just happen today, a uncle nice, not pushy, simple small talk, just 1 min and that's it.

It is the older generation who has the wisdom and soul, when i ask them what is the difference now and then, most of them say, now people lack heart. 

It is true that, true to void deck boy Singapore style, I will like to introduce Singaporean culture to the world, the unbelievable, i so stunned like vegetable, enjoy.

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