Monday, September 5, 2016

Boys of straits, temasek comrade - official and 柔佛南方之虎

Jdt is a football team, for those who do not know, now you should.

Like true to void deck boy style, it has always been about the people, you buy things, the sales experience depends on the salesman, or the buyer himself, it works both ways either or neither.

The supporters of a sports team sometimes shows how good or bad a football team is playing, there are then the ultras and others who are involved time on and off.

Some win lose or draw support because they are the team, in ownership sense. Some are glory hunters. Whoever they are, as long as they like football, they matter in any and every sense, you like it or not that's your problem.

For jdt, the boys of straits has become a force of themselves, not just vocals, they even made stickers and products like shirts, class items with swag. The post below shows the chants.

They also have a sub group, where the Singapore branch has people from the island state that supports jdt. This post below is their group page.

The team has not just reach out to the Malay speaking audience fans, the Chinese fans also have a page. Jdt will continue to become a force as long as the people support it. This point has to understood by the fans, if they want to not just progress to a standard constantly, If they want to make history and push beyond their country and achieve champions league status that they need to work together.

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