Thursday, June 22, 2017

Matthew Yap lifted 208kg on his last attempt to break the world mark of 207.5kg

Matthew yap, raise the flag of Singapore for power lifting. but behind every success, is hard work, daily training, then shit happens, he does not have money to come back home.

He works i guess and also savings, at least in his age group, he has achieve results.

The important question is will he be there at Olympic level or the Asian games, most likely you have to ask him yourself.

Goh tat chuan is someone i can remember, he totally left the football scene, maybe i should try to find online what is he up to recently.

About the talents thing, where is sherif al masri, the speedy winger, i guess you have to ask him yourself also.

Not much news now, in sports or other issues, with the things happen, most are the same, oh ya the tampines rovers team have changed the front man, you could see it coming, most followers and readers, or die hard supporters would have seen something, so many things leading to this.

Who be the playa, with the money, we shall see, i hope it is better or as good as mister teo, which is highly unlikely, not many people can be in the scene for so long, with money and try to do something.

With that said, the future is not bright, i have done my part by writing, good luck to those who wish to do this full time, i hope you have plan b or c or otherwise.

I hope those who are going, be aware and have knowledge, the young generation has information now, back in the olden days with no record, it was all pure instinct, playing with the club badge on your chest only, progressing till now, data analysis is all the rage, data mining, and its related stuff, in the end all about the money.

I should not worry about the younger ones, i am actually worried about the old timers, they might be left with nothing, no support or anything, anyways best of luck for today that is, true to void deck boy style, adios, tomorrow is another day.

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