Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Garena Young Lions of singapore

Young lions, hard to say anything about them, good or bad. They are a youth based team in Singapore, for people out there overseas, based on letting them play, get some on field time.

In reality it has failed, not just tactical, holistic, everything failed. A good example is, the page below, is the video cock up or not, sure it is good, got fancy image, moving visuals, maybe because of the technology company backing, i will not say execution fail, they pass but not a high score.

I think a good photo sometimes can do the job already, i think they no budget lah, who knows.

No need to compare, waste time, i think some national football league clubs better managed, some even got sponsor from property agents or pomade if i am not wrong, hair gel something, oh ya who can forget hair silk, is the name silk pro, top half naked photo on the mrt station, ah ! some eyes like steam, footballers like going to shower concept, i think the one on the bus better, the netball girl micky i remembered looks nicer and more like a commercial.

Art direction not clear, fail, the best is fandi, milo, saw his son kick a ball on the milo packaging, i think abang know how to manage and choose the ideas carefully. Looks good and simple, all my humble opinion.

This is the best i can do, i am not peter lim nor am i venga, i am just a person, i am a supporter of the ball, i hope Singapore football can rise, if not all of it will stay at the bottom forever.

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