Saturday, March 25, 2017

NFL, fandi and the prince

I would like to thank the readers, real people out there who still read this or look at this blog.

Even cnn, thank you cnn, i love you.

First, i saw the match with jungfrau punggol, i did not watch, because of the warning system, i did not wait, but i saw the jersey were same or similar colors, the team page is below, i remember the number 7 and the 8.

Number 7 macam style, i think he has passion, i do not know them to clear things, true to void deck boy style, i do it for the love, i love this game or not, i like the ball, the football more.

Number 8 is the Chinese male if i am not wrong, this team has communication and youth, good for the starting season, all the best.

In Singapore, this video shows fandi, the best person to talk about football now. For readers and the youths who do not know him, take a look at the video below and see, it will show the answer why is he a well liked person.

Finally, the prince has spoken, bless him and his family, jdt even wishes and regards the fans as family, all around the world. From wishing them night and good morning, this is class, most important is respect.

The video below shows him not just speaking in Malay, in English as well, that is why he is the person to lead the way. This press conference gives the people what he is about.

Friday, March 24, 2017

A dawn of a new era and news roundup

In Malaysia, the prince is in the game of becoming president, while in Singapore, to be or not be, we shall see.

The other news is that china won over south korea, it is a long time then happen once win.

Also do not forget the friends from tifo arena, shout out to them, they have a new t shirt design, the ultra one looks nice.

Finally not forgetting Singapore, i like that shawal, good player can shoot. More youths in the team, do not know how many times i must say, and do not miss the social live with eunos crescent on the show.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Scouts in the game of football in singapore

In this game titled football, you need scouts, people to go look for players who are of a high standard.

In summary, the video shows the words from mister therdsak chaiman.

All points are valid, where in Singapore this target person goes about doing this, not many teams do this in reality.

Not even in theory, to put in simply, go around look for top players who have the potential, in the end lots of excuses.

Wayang, real change hard.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Defenders in the game of football

In the modern game, some apply many midfield to create a strategy to outwit or outplay the ones on the other side.

In Singapore, there is one trend, not many want to be defenders, even if they want to they do not have the frame to be one.

I do not want to walk about the things that are clear, it is in fact the things that are unclear, for example, the kids that play football on the courts, who are nice and friendly but seldom want to be stuck at the back or rotational play has to be in place after scoring a goal.

It is the glam the ego the mass who has shown again and again only them, the ones in the hot seat. Only by cutting the head of the poison off or getting to the root of the problem then something can be done.

Defenders help win championships, those who have played tournaments will understand the play involve many players due to injuries or issues with dead legs, knocks or specific marking of man.

Salute to borhan abu samah, a defender who played for the nation, defenders most of the times never get the glam or become news, most are earnest and play well for the team.

Play for the love of the game, if not do not play.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

National football league singapore

I watch 2 matches, pre season friendlies in Singapore at the stadium, the standard i can say is there.

Firstly, i saw some good players with football brains that can trap the ball proper and pass accurately.

A match, i saw a number 8, a mid age i guess, i was far in the stands, also i saw a young player, number 7. I think the team i saw is as shown below.

I saw mardani with his team, him show the young boys tactics. The important point is that, there were surges in the game, some intense parts, but the play is sometimes good and bad due to miscommunication or lack of focus.

The fitness of players were not there, as they have work or are in school studying, but most play for the love of the game, i can see that as they were tackles and some hard knock but no bull shit scolding.

I like that, as for tactics that is what is not there, no fitness hard, the number 7 was quite leggy and were free on the flanks on many occasions, but honestly, his team mates had no fitness, tired so cannot kick so far, that was like in the late minutes of the game.

The previous matches were also the same, i watch for the first half only, atmosphere were family and friends, people recording, but sadly i did not see the linesman.

The NFL teams are ready, as seen talking about teams in video below, venga was from there, time to roll the dice and let the games begin.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Salute to local sports person

In life, sometimes i wonder do nice people finish last, is there really justice. Recently something happen on the road causing a fatality.

A football person who cares about the youth, if no passion i do not think you will even try.

I salute mister slemat for his work.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jdt and home united at the forefront of stuff

Jdt has a surprise, a hand phone by jdt, fuyo, this is class. That is why they are at the forefront of things. Look at the post below, a teaser.

Other clubs also got lah, not to whitewash others. But this is radical, i like.

Never say i never say local products, i always k, just that clubs like home united i always say, they have a new cap.

It looks good and cool, super design. Home united seem to always be pushing the boundaries as shown in the picture below.

Always true to void deck boy, yours sincerely.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Muangthong United draw while home united win in afc cup match

The thais have done it again, a draw, the video highlights are below.

While in singapore, home united win, i was more happy to see a crowd, oh ya, i report faster than today sports, hire me lah today paper. I will work hard for you.

Finally, eastern from hong kong is at the bottom of the table, the video post below shows that, a good score at least with their effort and most importantly got crowd.

Monday, March 13, 2017

ladies football, hong kong won against singapore with 2 goals

Youth, , youth, youth are the future, sometimes i feel that in football, it sucks to not be able to help.

In Singapore all is about the certificate, if not you are nothing, lots of times it had been proven not to work.

Nobody listens, the video post below shows the game which hong kong won. The score was not updated at the association website. I have to look for it, hong kong league has it.

No matter what you do the results have shown, the youth set up in Singapore did not work, if it did it is because of the right players, the 84 batch is a good example, what yog, frankly where will it come again, simple never. I do not know wayang or are they not fit or even smaller in size. Not for me to do the work, the data analysis should be all the rage now.

Passion, passion, passion, what a joke is the people in the management. Sad, numb lah.

This person suddenly came back as shown in the post below, how are you, he is the champion coach, sorry he cannot do wonders. The team he coach, lost with 3 goals, a youth team that is.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friendly match between jdt under 15 and singapore under 15 and finally passion

A match between jdt and Singapore under 15 occurred, jdt won. The jdt team scored more goals, in Malaysia the youth setup is definitely better, the boys look more developed just with the pictures, the muscles, the aura, their faces with smiles but in their tackles picture they show passion.

The post below show the results.

Next is about passion, in the recent telecast on the social live, alam shah did touch on the topic of passion.

For viewers who miss it, the video is below, passion on the field, everyone can see he is an honest person, authentic i would say.

On that point, the youth now seems to have lost the passion, times have changed, maybe they do not see a future. whatever it is, things has changed, alam shah also said he must updated himself on football.

If you have been chosen for team Singapore to wear the flag, some treat it as child's play, i feel there is a bigger responsibility.

In the end, i can only hope they realize that playing for the nation is a big task, people will criticize you, scold you, then love you, sayang you, that is football.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Structure clear or not clear in singapore football

In Singapore, recently a pile of news that did not help the football scene at all. This article in the reports in Singapore, here is this part, my hope is that real leaders with real passion and no hidden agendas step forward and get the game back to where it should be.

Then i remember lee lim saeng, the no nonsense coach of the home united. He is now in china.

Koreans are known for their kpop, but with him, a rigid scope of training and tactics were the game.

Not saying he is bad or not good, Koreans in nature are warm but on the other side, you do not know what will come out.

Sure got good things, Koreans their discipline in training, sure but in local context, it did not work.

Got win league or not, those who have been to Korea will know, it is a male dominated culture, everywhere the same actually.

A former national team coach who help them win a good placing in the world cup, also said that the seniors first approach was broken first, said by an ang moh.

What is the point of saying all these, no point actually, no change as change, true to void deck boy style, sianz.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The social live on random stuff

This segment from a sports network is very unique with points that are sometimes very personal yet humors in a funny quirky manner.

This is the social live, the post below show the host duncan a former sleague player with another. I watch the whole period, from the start till the end, most parts it says about about the sleague currently with the guest another player.

Many points and new thing that you did not know about, engaging in the new media way, like getting to know the players or guest on a new level with their opinion.

With the talk about the change coming soon, nothing seems to have change. In the end it is still the same.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Thai meet the press day, singapore no have

The Thais have a match day, meet the press, i cannot read Thai but i do see the person who is a Singaporean.

The post below shows this, he is a former employee with the singapore football scene. I have written about many talents that have gone to Thailand or people who have the passion.

Just like the press day meet, it is about communication, here are they government or private, the answer is obvious. No wonder pm talk about people leaving, if there is no place for me, i leave.

The unofficial sleague has lots of insight on record and most importantly, do the local administration people listen, the people has spoken again. In this discussion, the fans has lots of great pointers for the management.

Countless times, things have not change. Those interested please listen to the podcast in the link below. Overseas who are keen, it is in english, you can get a good idea about how the football scene is like in reality, the rock solid ground, deep in the roots.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The sleague pick up this week

The sleague has started, the interesting things are, firstly this unofficial sleague podcast is good.

The post below shows this, this idea, someone might have done but certainly they have started something.

These people do mean their stuff, i can be your guest, the point is they are doing it. true to void deck boy style, thumbs up man.

Next the eagles have some cool towel thing, i like, can shoot, the jersey on girls below may catch some eyes also.

Feel good, do good, hm i like. 

I also found that geylang has a prime league player, who is 18 years old, his name is min thi ha from burma.

Finally, Sleague fans can watch on a program with lots of troubles and comments, I watched from voxsports time, also can see some interesting stuff, but seldom lag until siao, like this week when i watch.

This is the thing below, you can see user friendly or not people in the Internet world.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Eastern sports club draw with kawasaki

Just days ago i have written about eastern sports club, they have improved or should i say, lucky.

The post below shows the score, a first point earn. Are the Japanese suffering from a low birth rate, thus the lack of young players playing upfront, in Singapore there is a shortage of manpower.

I guess the problem is also present in japan.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Muangthong united win over kashima

The thais won over kashima, 2 - 1, history has been made, the thais might even go world cup if the policy change.