Saturday, March 25, 2017

NFL, fandi and the prince

I would like to thank the readers, real people out there who still read this or look at this blog.

Even cnn, thank you cnn, i love you.

First, i saw the match with jungfrau punggol, i did not watch, because of the warning system, i did not wait, but i saw the jersey were same or similar colors, the team page is below, i remember the number 7 and the 8.

Number 7 macam style, i think he has passion, i do not know them to clear things, true to void deck boy style, i do it for the love, i love this game or not, i like the ball, the football more.

Number 8 is the Chinese male if i am not wrong, this team has communication and youth, good for the starting season, all the best.

In Singapore, this video shows fandi, the best person to talk about football now. For readers and the youths who do not know him, take a look at the video below and see, it will show the answer why is he a well liked person.

Finally, the prince has spoken, bless him and his family, jdt even wishes and regards the fans as family, all around the world. From wishing them night and good morning, this is class, most important is respect.

The video below shows him not just speaking in Malay, in English as well, that is why he is the person to lead the way. This press conference gives the people what he is about.

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