Sunday, March 19, 2017

National football league singapore

I watch 2 matches, pre season friendlies in Singapore at the stadium, the standard i can say is there.

Firstly, i saw some good players with football brains that can trap the ball proper and pass accurately.

A match, i saw a number 8, a mid age i guess, i was far in the stands, also i saw a young player, number 7. I think the team i saw is as shown below.

I saw mardani with his team, him show the young boys tactics. The important point is that, there were surges in the game, some intense parts, but the play is sometimes good and bad due to miscommunication or lack of focus.

The fitness of players were not there, as they have work or are in school studying, but most play for the love of the game, i can see that as they were tackles and some hard knock but no bull shit scolding.

I like that, as for tactics that is what is not there, no fitness hard, the number 7 was quite leggy and were free on the flanks on many occasions, but honestly, his team mates had no fitness, tired so cannot kick so far, that was like in the late minutes of the game.

The previous matches were also the same, i watch for the first half only, atmosphere were family and friends, people recording, but sadly i did not see the linesman.

The NFL teams are ready, as seen talking about teams in video below, venga was from there, time to roll the dice and let the games begin.

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