Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Defenders in the game of football

In the modern game, some apply many midfield to create a strategy to outwit or outplay the ones on the other side.

In Singapore, there is one trend, not many want to be defenders, even if they want to they do not have the frame to be one.

I do not want to walk about the things that are clear, it is in fact the things that are unclear, for example, the kids that play football on the courts, who are nice and friendly but seldom want to be stuck at the back or rotational play has to be in place after scoring a goal.

It is the glam the ego the mass who has shown again and again only them, the ones in the hot seat. Only by cutting the head of the poison off or getting to the root of the problem then something can be done.

Defenders help win championships, those who have played tournaments will understand the play involve many players due to injuries or issues with dead legs, knocks or specific marking of man.

Salute to borhan abu samah, a defender who played for the nation, defenders most of the times never get the glam or become news, most are earnest and play well for the team.

Play for the love of the game, if not do not play.

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