Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friendly match between jdt under 15 and singapore under 15 and finally passion

A match between jdt and Singapore under 15 occurred, jdt won. The jdt team scored more goals, in Malaysia the youth setup is definitely better, the boys look more developed just with the pictures, the muscles, the aura, their faces with smiles but in their tackles picture they show passion.

The post below show the results.

Next is about passion, in the recent telecast on the social live, alam shah did touch on the topic of passion.

For viewers who miss it, the video is below, passion on the field, everyone can see he is an honest person, authentic i would say.

On that point, the youth now seems to have lost the passion, times have changed, maybe they do not see a future. whatever it is, things has changed, alam shah also said he must updated himself on football.

If you have been chosen for team Singapore to wear the flag, some treat it as child's play, i feel there is a bigger responsibility.

In the end, i can only hope they realize that playing for the nation is a big task, people will criticize you, scold you, then love you, sayang you, that is football.

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