Friday, March 10, 2017

Structure clear or not clear in singapore football

In Singapore, recently a pile of news that did not help the football scene at all. This article in the reports in Singapore, here is this part, my hope is that real leaders with real passion and no hidden agendas step forward and get the game back to where it should be.

Then i remember lee lim saeng, the no nonsense coach of the home united. He is now in china.

Koreans are known for their kpop, but with him, a rigid scope of training and tactics were the game.

Not saying he is bad or not good, Koreans in nature are warm but on the other side, you do not know what will come out.

Sure got good things, Koreans their discipline in training, sure but in local context, it did not work.

Got win league or not, those who have been to Korea will know, it is a male dominated culture, everywhere the same actually.

A former national team coach who help them win a good placing in the world cup, also said that the seniors first approach was broken first, said by an ang moh.

What is the point of saying all these, no point actually, no change as change, true to void deck boy style, sianz.

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