Sunday, March 5, 2017

The sleague pick up this week

The sleague has started, the interesting things are, firstly this unofficial sleague podcast is good.

The post below shows this, this idea, someone might have done but certainly they have started something.

These people do mean their stuff, i can be your guest, the point is they are doing it. true to void deck boy style, thumbs up man.

Next the eagles have some cool towel thing, i like, can shoot, the jersey on girls below may catch some eyes also.

Feel good, do good, hm i like. 

I also found that geylang has a prime league player, who is 18 years old, his name is min thi ha from burma.

Finally, Sleague fans can watch on a program with lots of troubles and comments, I watched from voxsports time, also can see some interesting stuff, but seldom lag until siao, like this week when i watch.

This is the thing below, you can see user friendly or not people in the Internet world.

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