Monday, March 6, 2017

Thai meet the press day, singapore no have

The Thais have a match day, meet the press, i cannot read Thai but i do see the person who is a Singaporean.

The post below shows this, he is a former employee with the singapore football scene. I have written about many talents that have gone to Thailand or people who have the passion.

Just like the press day meet, it is about communication, here are they government or private, the answer is obvious. No wonder pm talk about people leaving, if there is no place for me, i leave.

The unofficial sleague has lots of insight on record and most importantly, do the local administration people listen, the people has spoken again. In this discussion, the fans has lots of great pointers for the management.

Countless times, things have not change. Those interested please listen to the podcast in the link below. Overseas who are keen, it is in english, you can get a good idea about how the football scene is like in reality, the rock solid ground, deep in the roots.

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