Monday, March 13, 2017

ladies football, hong kong won against singapore with 2 goals

Youth, , youth, youth are the future, sometimes i feel that in football, it sucks to not be able to help.

In Singapore all is about the certificate, if not you are nothing, lots of times it had been proven not to work.

Nobody listens, the video post below shows the game which hong kong won. The score was not updated at the association website. I have to look for it, hong kong league has it.

No matter what you do the results have shown, the youth set up in Singapore did not work, if it did it is because of the right players, the 84 batch is a good example, what yog, frankly where will it come again, simple never. I do not know wayang or are they not fit or even smaller in size. Not for me to do the work, the data analysis should be all the rage now.

Passion, passion, passion, what a joke is the people in the management. Sad, numb lah.

This person suddenly came back as shown in the post below, how are you, he is the champion coach, sorry he cannot do wonders. The team he coach, lost with 3 goals, a youth team that is.

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