Monday, October 31, 2016

Singapore will take on syria and cambodia for the final phase of preparations

Singapore has prepared a team of 28 for the matches between Syria and Cambodia.

The match in Singapore as stated in the release is at bishan.

Those interested can purchase tickets, from Friday, the post below shows the details.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ceres bags third place in singapore cup

The third place spot was won by ceres in the Singapore cup, i am sure they had a great time.

They are now in the top 4 in the united football league.

Champions for next season perhaps, the coach says he or the team is not sure for the cup next year but thanks for coming to play in the cup.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Albirex wins the singapore cup

In Singapore, the Singapore cup for football has been won by albirex.

In the finals, they have won it with 2 goals, with this the football scene has seen another history been made.

Good or bad, nothing much to say.

Looking forward to the suzuki cup 2016, the final list is confirmed. group a, azkals and Thais, for group b Vietnam and Malaysia with group a fighting for a spot is Indonesia while for b is Cambodia.

Let the show begin.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Throwback friday, arata izumi

The Japanese won the league in 2016 in Singapore, they have the chance to sweep another Singapore cup this coming Saturday.

Arata izumi, he is a player whose career started in Singapore, playing for albirex niigata Singapore. He then moved to the Indian leagues.

He is now at pune city football club, it is interesting how he has come, he did not leave a deep impression for me, he did scored against tampines rovers for his first goal.

Will the Japanese win in the cup match, i sure think they will score, we shall see.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Season ending in football, mark hartmann is seeking to move or otherwise

In football these days, it is about the money, how much they pay you, and how much you think you deserve.

Mark hartmann, a goal scorer is leaving or otherwise.

He is a goal scoring machine, because of injuries he may seem to be not scoring, if not, on and off the field he is a cool guy.

Contracts, 1 year, half a year, 2 years, money is the issue. I hope he gets a offer from Thailand or back home, better pay and closer to family. I wish you all the best, and thank you for your service to the club in singapore, bless you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AFC under 19 championship results, vietnam win !

The team from Vietnam won !

I have written about this, truly they are special, they played with desire.

When i almost forgotten about the match, they are now in the semi finals.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thiago cunha moves to indian super league

This player, thiago cunha has been quite a talent, he scored many goals during his time in Thailand.

I followed chonburi quite a bit during some time back, saw lots of goals from his lengthy physical body.

He has now moved, for a better pay i guess. I saw prince, the Ghana youth who is scoring goals, hope can see more goals from the youth.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Lepak vines, when u miss your homies part 2 (heng edition)

Lepak vines are back with a hit, for me this is quite true, people say lucky, i doubt it, but watch it.

I kanna once before, never get money, but this is sure local humor, support local.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jdt are unbeaten at home

Jdt are holding the fort at their home ground, they have built a unbeaten reputation round after round in matches.

They have create a good style, this is a formula for success in the unbeaten sphere.

Good management helps this cause, excellent good form and players chosen also play a part, the list can go on, at this point they are constantly pushing, sending young players aboard, well done jdt.

This is what football management is about, not for self, for the benefit of others.

Long live jdt.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cambodia beat timor leste to qualify for the aff suzuki cup

Cambodia beat Timor leste, in the 2016 aff championship qualification where Cambodia, Laos, Brunei and Timor leste had to fight it out to win a place at the finals.

I guess not many people know, i watched the highlights, some matches were played in the rain. Cambodia are riding on a flow, even beating Singapore for teams in this region for results recently.

They have young players, the important thing is that, they all can run, a lack of resources is a issue, but they manage to beat so many teams in this round, in the end they earn a place in the aff finals.

I have seen some facebook post and blogs on Cambodian football. Some in English and some in local languages, their fans are many, a substantial amount of supporters.

I only remember the Korean coach, his face, he left a impression on me, maybe the players can benefit more by going to Thailand and by impressing scouts, i hope one day they can do that, create a name, earn money and then go back to their home country and built a better homeland for their families and the football scene.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Throwback friday, brendon santalab

This is brendon santalab, this super sub, who once played for the eagles.

He was a goal scorer in the league, then now he is still, i saw it live on tv, i was watching the a league, he scored from the bench.

He has a physical upper body built like a bull, whereby he can out muscle the other players.

This post below show him in jersey from his current club the western sydney wanderers, where he is now playing at.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jdt knocked out of afc cup by bengaluru

I have just written about strikers, the issue has deepen, jdt lost, lost of their stars players cause many problems.

Bengaluru is strong with their chosen players, nevertheless, they are a level up at least, this season.

Desire is the key difference, mental toughness and character, the video post is shown below.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

hong kong league similar to sleague in terms of issues

The connection between me and Hong Kong football has come so far, i follow some clubs, every now and then i have seen how Hong Kong is like, what is happening and so on.

Firstly their football scene have only a few teams that have been around, then they also have their bookmakers issue, they also have some sort of foreign teams in their league.

The list can go on and on, before the digital age it was hard to know stuff in real time, now it is easier. the recent issue is the club location to be used for housing, i do not know who cock up, 1 year now later they say next year take back the land.

It has to be the same like singapore, hard times. The link to the news is here below.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

AFC under 19 championship results, vietnam draw with uae

I have just written about the results, Vietnam is really getting a hook on things.

They dare and drew with uae, the video post below show it.

Like i have touch upon, the desire, Thailand have size and physical shape but they even got a red card in the games recently, either they do not want to play in their heart already or simply played sluggishly.

The same for north korea, their focus once lost, they lose, only a few in the team fight on.

In south east asia, we face a striker crisis, i do not know at the management level do they understand or know this issue. no goals hard to win games. not to say even the midfield or other positions, borrow this format from here, there, anywhere but lose. develop your own lah. Good that some technology is being used to help and keep a number on their performance, this is one step made well.

If it works we all know can lah, it is not working. I not not talking about bringing in import players or half blood, the local boys can reach the standard, maybe just longer or they are using the skill not most of the time, most importantly, not even pushing the limit, 100% not even there.

This is the only thing i can do, blog, some of the seniors of the blogging or internet have said this many times.

Vietnam seem to take it serious at most levels, the players themselves i guess take it upon, i do not want to talk about things that can be measured, all are available online for all to see.

Something special about Vietnam, let see where they go in this tournament.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Global fc loses to ceres 5 - 0

Global fc lost to ceres, that is expected, they have already won the league. the question is will the azkals play to their strengths for the aff suzuki cup, that i am not sure, with their talents from overseas, some are not in the plans, either by choice or otherwise.

I hope that the full capacity of the azkals will be release, then a great show for the fans, for the Philippines and grow the sport more.

Some of the players have a great manly look, some of the players look like movie stars, capitalize, deal, most importantly mix it with what works and try to sell. Football is big money business now, deal with it.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

AFC under 19 championship results

The AFC under 19 games have started, with the results out, south korea, japan, Uzbekistan and Australia have winning games for the opening.

The shock is that Vietnam won against north korea. the video is shown below.

For the others, Iran and Qatar draw, the Saudi lost also, home advantage for Bahrain. This shows yet again that youth development is key, only the Vietnam team have desire and played constantly for the banner of asean.

In south east asia, fitness, size and most importantly people management, in this region, human resource is not well managed. i shall not say about the skills, issues involved, all are related.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Thai leagues lets fixtures cease and be final

The football leagues in Thailand will cease play, and the current standings will be as final.

The most important thing for the football association, the aff suzuki cup, they will still play, but at home or which location, i am not sure.

They will pass the group stage, a berth in the semi final at least.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Throwback friday, sanrawat Dechmitr

This player whom once played for tampines rovers, his name is sanrawat Dechmitr, i did not remember him or had any impression, partly i guess it was the games he played, not many. It was during my research of players that i saw his name on the tampines list.

This was when i was looking at the Thai national players selected for the world cup games, i knew he played for Bangkok united and i saw him in videos.

This shows the Thai connection was at work, he is now at Bangkok united, they played really good this season building on from last season.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kitchee beat bangkok united in a friendly

Kitchee beat bangkok united, 4 - 3. The team from Hong Kong seem to be on a high, due to good foreign imports, this sudden surge may be a once off thing.

The Thais did not play to their full capacity, the Thais are still the kings of asean, at least till the aff suzuki cup, where they will defend their title against the others.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Afc world cup, third round in asia round up

The results of the world cup, road to Russia in Asia was a normal one i would say. The results are shown in the post below.

The results from the Iran match, Iran are the strong team for this year. the results show all, the Saudis are going all out. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Football and shaolin soccer combine in local match

In singapore, a local match, a kick then a somersault. In football sometimes you see halfway then keepers scoring, once in a while.

This recently happened, it remind me of shaolin soccer, nice man. super skills, on a scale of 10, 10.

Good news for singapore football, next maybe a keeper scoring from free kick or from goal itself.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Football green card shown in football !

The first ever green card was shown in this match, the video is shown in the link below.

I do not know of this idea, anyway, green card, sound like USA card, those citizen card. I think it is in the leagues management scope to allow this, if got any use of not.

If not fair play award can already, once a year. Football is like competing against one another. Just like any other sport, no need to be so special lah.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hong kong beat cambodia, 2 - 0

The national team of hong kong beat Cambodia, 2 - 0 in a match, i watch the highlights, the Cambodian team are now pacy, good with free kicks.

The hong kong team have strong physical players now, it was raining, like really onto the pitch and hong kong played alright, that has one thing, desire.

The other match with the team azkals, the azkals lose to Bahrain, 3 - 1.

This post below shows the results of the hong kong match. Singapore meets hong kong next, might be a hard, physical match, will watch and see how the hong kong coach plays his tactics.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Causeway challenge, singapore draw with malaysia

The match, was a good show, something worth mentioning for a long time, the Singapore national team put on a good match performance.

Lots of things to say, firstly, the back line looks solid, with daniel and bai, with mister crazy horse, experience personnel taking charge.

The next will be izzdin doing the rallying in the mid area, hariss also, both of them and the defenders pumping in the passes.

kha and wan attacking at times, even the full backs, out wide, flanking them out. the bright spark is faritz hameed, i was like watching high level football on a super well laid pitch, crosses at world cup level.

That leg is class, just that you do not convert your chances, you do not win. i was hoping for a win, but rationally, thinking, looking at the scores from previous matches, draws were more for us.

The happy times, saw tmj smiling, players smiling, hassan enjoying the atmosphere, mat yo smile also, got people go on the pitch to take selfie or something like that also, the post below show the day.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Throwback friday, tawan sripan and santi chaiyaphuak

The Thais, the best football players in the asean region, constantly producing players, regardless of their potential.

With more leagues to be developed and streamlined, this will be the best.

There was a time, a player named tawan sripan played in the north area, his skills were his creative play. The club he played for were very good for producing good talent, young talents also, he is now a coach in muangthong back in Thailand.

On the other side, the east side, a small quick, pacy player played for tampines rovers, his cute looks was what i remember him for, speedy with the distinctive Thai accent in his English.

His name is santi chaiyaphuak, he played for tampines rovers. He is also now a coach at muangthong. The post below shows both of them in coaching action.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Home united does a great job of design this season

I have always written about jdt design and their stuff which is of high standard, in Singapore not many can do or even employ a design graduate to do the job.

But, home united football club, from Singapore has done the best, if not the most outstanding, constant ideas in marketing, design and making events, those that are tie to the making things good, they have done a great job.

100 marks full, not all on point, effort counts, the right colors, the information, making it like commercial movie like that.

This post below sums up the concept, they are footballers not actors, so nothing about the looks, the whole design look fabulous, nice, swee, cool to see.

Next season i hope the others teams can change or at least do better, not sure what will happen, my heart will be with the ball, support local.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

UAE vs thailand 2018 world cup qualifier

The world cup rounds will see matches soon, Thailand will take on uae.

The Thais lost to japan and the Saudis, uae won against japan but lost to the Aussies.

I see the score, uae to win, on the other hand, i hope Charyl, who have seen world cup glory can produce some magic.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

United football league champions, global fc

The united football league in the sunny islands of the Philippines have crown a champion.

This team completed a double in 2016.

With the remaining matches yet to be played, they won.

Global fc are the winners. The azkals are going to be title contenders for the suzuki cup, i hope they will, semi finals i want to see them, said this before, they are good.

I hope they can create a better soccer sphere, so to speak, the management must have heart for football. That is the least i hope for, more local players to rise through the ranks.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Debit card cash back at 5 %

Hey people, if you are in singapore, debit card users can get a 5% cash back from spending.

I just recently know, if you tap for purchases, i just tried it, not sure where will i get back the cash.

Those more tech savvy i heard got use mobile phone, i have not seem anyone use it, kinda tempted to try but unless they do a 10 % cash back then maybe, therefore cash is still king.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

When you remix the pen or pineapple pen

Everyday in the digital sphere something happens, every now and then, something will become a trend or viral thing.

Now is this song, but with the remix by our local lovable fallen superhero.

Listen to this, refreshing mix with his touch.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Warriors win 2 - 0 against the japanese team

Friday night football, the former team named saf fc won.

Soaking up the challenge, the warriors won.

Ball sense, tactics and practical work gets the job done.