Friday, October 7, 2016

Throwback friday, tawan sripan and santi chaiyaphuak

The Thais, the best football players in the asean region, constantly producing players, regardless of their potential.

With more leagues to be developed and streamlined, this will be the best.

There was a time, a player named tawan sripan played in the north area, his skills were his creative play. The club he played for were very good for producing good talent, young talents also, he is now a coach in muangthong back in Thailand.

On the other side, the east side, a small quick, pacy player played for tampines rovers, his cute looks was what i remember him for, speedy with the distinctive Thai accent in his English.

His name is santi chaiyaphuak, he played for tampines rovers. He is also now a coach at muangthong. The post below shows both of them in coaching action.

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