Thursday, October 6, 2016

Home united does a great job of design this season

I have always written about jdt design and their stuff which is of high standard, in Singapore not many can do or even employ a design graduate to do the job.

But, home united football club, from Singapore has done the best, if not the most outstanding, constant ideas in marketing, design and making events, those that are tie to the making things good, they have done a great job.

100 marks full, not all on point, effort counts, the right colors, the information, making it like commercial movie like that.

This post below sums up the concept, they are footballers not actors, so nothing about the looks, the whole design look fabulous, nice, swee, cool to see.

Next season i hope the others teams can change or at least do better, not sure what will happen, my heart will be with the ball, support local.

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