Saturday, October 8, 2016

Causeway challenge, singapore draw with malaysia

The match, was a good show, something worth mentioning for a long time, the Singapore national team put on a good match performance.

Lots of things to say, firstly, the back line looks solid, with daniel and bai, with mister crazy horse, experience personnel taking charge.

The next will be izzdin doing the rallying in the mid area, hariss also, both of them and the defenders pumping in the passes.

kha and wan attacking at times, even the full backs, out wide, flanking them out. the bright spark is faritz hameed, i was like watching high level football on a super well laid pitch, crosses at world cup level.

That leg is class, just that you do not convert your chances, you do not win. i was hoping for a win, but rationally, thinking, looking at the scores from previous matches, draws were more for us.

The happy times, saw tmj smiling, players smiling, hassan enjoying the atmosphere, mat yo smile also, got people go on the pitch to take selfie or something like that also, the post below show the day.

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