Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cambodia beat timor leste to qualify for the aff suzuki cup

Cambodia beat Timor leste, in the 2016 aff championship qualification where Cambodia, Laos, Brunei and Timor leste had to fight it out to win a place at the finals.

I guess not many people know, i watched the highlights, some matches were played in the rain. Cambodia are riding on a flow, even beating Singapore for teams in this region for results recently.

They have young players, the important thing is that, they all can run, a lack of resources is a issue, but they manage to beat so many teams in this round, in the end they earn a place in the aff finals.

I have seen some facebook post and blogs on Cambodian football. Some in English and some in local languages, their fans are many, a substantial amount of supporters.

I only remember the Korean coach, his face, he left a impression on me, maybe the players can benefit more by going to Thailand and by impressing scouts, i hope one day they can do that, create a name, earn money and then go back to their home country and built a better homeland for their families and the football scene.

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