Tuesday, October 18, 2016

AFC under 19 championship results, vietnam draw with uae

I have just written about the results, Vietnam is really getting a hook on things.

They dare and drew with uae, the video post below show it.

Like i have touch upon, the desire, Thailand have size and physical shape but they even got a red card in the games recently, either they do not want to play in their heart already or simply played sluggishly.

The same for north korea, their focus once lost, they lose, only a few in the team fight on.

In south east asia, we face a striker crisis, i do not know at the management level do they understand or know this issue. no goals hard to win games. not to say even the midfield or other positions, borrow this format from here, there, anywhere but lose. develop your own lah. Good that some technology is being used to help and keep a number on their performance, this is one step made well.

If it works we all know can lah, it is not working. I not not talking about bringing in import players or half blood, the local boys can reach the standard, maybe just longer or they are using the skill not most of the time, most importantly, not even pushing the limit, 100% not even there.

This is the only thing i can do, blog, some of the seniors of the blogging or internet have said this many times.

Vietnam seem to take it serious at most levels, the players themselves i guess take it upon, i do not want to talk about things that can be measured, all are available online for all to see.

Something special about Vietnam, let see where they go in this tournament.

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