Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The NFL, IWL and related pages

In singapore besides the sleague, there is a semi pro league branded by as the FAS national football league.

Besides that, got a iwl, the islandwide league, i get my information from the FAS website. In singapore to be exact alot of league manage, organize or created by many companies or elements or otherwise.

The coe, prime, many to list, most importantly you can get the match report from the FAS webby. What i know is that some names have been around for some time, they even have a Facebook page, some even a personal webby.

This is tiong bahru fc, i am not sure is that the officially endorsed page by FAS, but for that issue, i am happy that they are active in the digital sphere.

Next is eunos crescent football club, if you follow singapore football, you will see some faces, adam xu, tengku mushadad. Many more names actually, i cannot remember all.

There is also an unoffical page which is shown below. This page provides a overview on the iwl and nfl. Most of the pages are active, please support, thank you.

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