Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Youngsters from tampines rovers step up

In Singapore, young blood has not been or never will be at the forefront of the game of football.

It has been about money and results, the occasion hit and miss of giving young people a chance at the beautiful game has seldom reach a constant tune.

But once in a while some get the spotlight and then burst into the darkness. In essence it has always been about the person himself, what do you want to be.

On a football side of things, these youngsters played quite well, the under 21 football team played with some fight.

Beyond the hype, is there any purpose?

At tampines, a page that i found is that, these young 3 footballers, click on the link for the news, tampines-teen-trio-lighting-league-cup.

I hope there are more, either to play for the love of the game or whatever purpose, most importantly give your best, cause there are sometimes no more opportunity.

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