Thursday, July 28, 2016

JDT has scored 89 goals this 2016 malaysian football season

Those who follow football in Asia, they should now know about johor, after lots of upgrading, the floor outside the stadium has improved.

Thanks to good management and of course the proper use of money in a prudent manner has resulted in this whole situation.

The post on Facebook shows that, the team has scored 89 goals since the 2016 season, this is not just about the number, it is about creating a sustainable outcome for football.

It needs support from the people, if not, it may just be another shell. This shows a point, how a good intention to really create a product with learning from all sources and then producing what is needed and can be wanted.

It is about balance, i remembered one wise person told me this, what must you learn before you walk, i answered crawl, true but in essence, it is about balance.

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