Saturday, June 4, 2016

Aya bank cup 2016, singapore under 21 football, King's cup thailand 2016

Hey world, good morning.

Today i shall touch on football, firstly the Singaporean football team, the national side was in Myanmar to participate in the Aya bank cup, yesterday for the match i only managed to catch from the 2nd half onward.

From the 2nd half, garbiel quak hit a shot on target early in the 2nd half. 

In the 70 plus minute, fazrul nawaz misplace a shot, he missed a golden chance to score.

Myanmar then keeps attacking Singapore in its half, hassan sunny saves 2 shots on target from goal in a period of 10 minutes, both at around the 80 plus minute mark.

After the final whistle, Singapore wins with the final score 1 - 0. 

Now they face Vietnam in the final.

Secondly, I believe the Singapore under 21 football team was playing Malaysia in the nations cup.

I did not watch that, in was reported that Singapore lost 3 - 0.

I remembered maybe last year in Vietnam, the cubs manage to draw in Vietnam, in the final minutes, the cubs scored the equalizer against Vietnam achieving some placing, i cannot remember his name, if i am not wrong his name is pereira. Singapore won by penalty shoot out.

Thirdly for the king's cup, in Thailand, i rushed to catch a glimpse of the contest. Again in the 2nd half, late into the game. Syria scored against Thailand, the score was 2 - 2. I then saw a Thai player who looks European. Actually there was 2, Anyway i realize it was mika chunuonsee, i knew about him since years ago. I followed Thai football for some years now, they have really progress tremulously, in many ways. 

Gareth bale was his team mate when they were in the welsh youth team. Mika speaks both fluent Thai and English well.  

All the best for Singapore and Thailand for the coming games. 

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