Monday, May 30, 2016

Hi everyone in the internet, i am voiddeckboy.

I am from Singapore, a small island state in south east asia.

I will like to share you everyone, what information i have found and also my views.

Thank you.

My first blog post is about going to be library. Its been a long time since i have gone into the library.

I decided to go to one today. It is at bishan. I tried to find a book and it took me almost 30 mins to locate it.

I learned one thing, it is the call number, for example, first you use the search on the nlb website, then key in the desired book that you want and they will look it it, if there is one, then the prompt screen will indicate the location, if it is in the junior lending section, followed by the call number, and lastly the status of the book.

If you are searching for a book in the library, find the signboard according, usually on all floors they have one, then look for the sections, the most important part is to look for the call number.

For example, if the call number is 796.22. Look at the labels on the shelf. they will have a general number, which is the first 3 number, after which is the numbers after the decimal place.

Look for it one book by one book. If it is not there physically, either someone is reading it or otherwise, finally if you cannot find it, ask the library personnel. They will help you.

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