Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bao, Mark lee and Kumar

Hey hey hey, how are you people in the world wide web. I hope you are doing fine.

Number one, not a long time ago, while i was watching the news on TV, a short presentation on the screen, touched me. A auntie, her name is Sarah tan, she helps people in need. She uses money, time, most importantly effort, from housing people, giving second chances, even to me that is like taking a high stake gamble in life, risking all.

She deserves not just a pat on the back, because of the choices she make or what, like i said, effort counts. she must have been exhausted.

Please support her business, one is at block 122, Ang Mo Kio, Avenue 3. This is is near the mrt station, the stall opens from morning till afternoon. I believe she have some other locations also, if you are willing with a kind heart, patronize her food stalls, the Bao with a heart.

Now for something more local, Singaporean style, mister mark lee and kumar are comedians, they are very creative, unique, and they are equipped with lots of personal flair. They have a show titled, double trouble. The series showcases topics from talent no enough to make me over, ah beng edition. You can guarantee laughter, confirm plus chop, power ! must watch if not you lugi.

Dun say i never share, this one is really on Singapore, come watch lah, test how well you know Singapore or simply watch on the train or bus while waiting. Best.

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