Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Causeway point, animals and vines !

Hello internet world, this is my second post, i am still looking into the different icons on blogger and how they function or work, mostly on the related stuff.

First and foremost, I will like to write on malls, causeway point that is, recently been there. Lots of variety of stuff to choose from, from goods to services, for your information , the mall is in the northern part of Singapore, located beside woodlands mrt station.

There is a supermarket in the basement level, you can go for a haircut also. Then there is a department store, electrical appliances store, interestingly, a music store and travel agency as well, in this digital age there must still be customers for them, if not the store will close down soon. Thus if you need the above mention stuff go to causeway point.

The shopping mall has almost anything you need and want, that is my opinion. A family oriented direction with a playground on one of the floors. Massage chairs are included in the mall, there is a sale of up to 70% off shoes and belts at the atrium on the ground floor, which i saw, 9.90 for a belt which is a good price. Go get it, if you need one.

Now i shall share something more amusing, a short while ago on the news, a wild boar was spotted at a residential area. Not always you see a wild animal running around in urban Singapore, it also attacked a child. The child did not suffer any serious injury.

Actually, i saw with my own eyes a wild monkey in my neighborhood once, disturbing or perhaps behaving naturally the manner it should be or on the other hand it was shocked or annoyed by humans, a lone monkey who lost it way it the urban jungle, i guess it wonder off its family, way off. By the way, in Singapore got wild cow, lone cow on coney island, check it out if you really want and go find the cow if you can.

Finally to end, in void deck boy Singapore style, Singapore can lah, watch this video by the guys from lepak vines. Those who know it will understand, they are the best in local flavor ! They are a bunch of Singaporeans who knows humor ! The video credit goes out to them, support local !

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