Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My first link, a discovery, FallenSuperheroSG

Hi there people, I am glad to announce my first link to a recommended site, marry thai girl singapore, i will like to thank him for linking me up. From the bottom of my heart, i rate highly his blog as it shows a lot of insightful views and knowledge. Please visit his blog for more details.

For the first subject that i will like to touch on today, i saw on the news that recycling is an issue, i think it is a big problem in the world, i will not touch on the things that many people have touch on, this lah, that lah.

I think for me, the most important point is that i try to reduce and reuse, not to buy, for example batteries. Those you use them once then throw. A few years back i thought of rechargeable batteries. This means that i buy a rechargeable battery and a charger which is AA size. I am able to reuse it again and again, it writes on the label that its usable life is about 10 years, i did not reach the limit yet. But it is still running well. I use it on remote controls for my TV and fan. If i am able to use it for 10 years, i will not just be happy, i think i might save some money in the long run, its not that expensive either, the rechargeable batteries are available in the supermarkets as i bought it from them.

Now the time for the fascinating part, i discover that to see your remote control battery got life or not, use your hand phone camera and point it at the light bulb there. Press and you will see light! if no light, time to change.

To end, for the music lovers out there who loves beats, there is this person who creates good music! His name is fallen super hero SG. Here is one of his master pieces, enjoy.

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