Friday, June 3, 2016

Sleague, sports

Hi, good friday to all, today shall be sports day, i will be covering abit about it.

In singapore, sports has many forms, from the ball sports to the extreme sports, like skateboarding and etc. Football or soccer has been the love for many through out the years. The sleague has been around for a long time, i still follow it, while some lost touch with it.

I believe sports or exercise should be a part of life to be healthy lah, but the concern is that Singapore football has lost a huge amount of its glamour or hype, so to speak. I remember once the sleague had a large audience of locals following, thousands in the numbers, household names like fandi or steven tan. I am not a expert or do i claim to do a self styled know all. I will like to share just what i have.

This is a picture of back in the days, a issue, how many people recognize this, not many i guess.

I aspire to share more through the days. Hope someone sees or cares if not why share. Someone told me sports is about the people, you win, you cry, you lose, you also cry. I personally feel sports is about conquering yourself, pushing your limit, it does not manner if you score the goal or not, this lah that lah, some will argue lah. I will not write about that, like i said before, many have done it.

Support your local football club, any club, anyone please. It may sound like flim-flam but if you do not support your local sports people who will. I am not asking you for the sake of it just go, you go pay, watch a match, see how and decided for yourself.

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