Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tiger balm Repellent Spray, strap

Good morning, how are you people doing.

Its a cool day in Singapore, people going about their daily meals and buying of grocery.

Succeeding that, i saw that tiger balm has insect repellent spray for mosquitoes, works for outdoors or the basic needs at home. Obtainable in the major supermarkets they have it. Priced at below 10 dollars.

Made in Singapore, you can just spray onto the skin directly or clothing, can last a few hours. The unique thing is i found out that a strap version like a patch has been created, similar to a watch strap or a rubber band on your wrist. Certainly it works but i feel that it is not that effective or efficient, its more expensive that a spray can.

Caution for women who are pregnant and children, women because of issues with child nursing or matters regarding, specifically young children or people who may have allergies on their skin.

Prevention is better than cure, as they usually say, if i am not wrong there is no vaccine for dengue fever. Protect yourself and making an effort to get rid of where mosquitoes can breed are the best bet.

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