Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Third wave power and transfer window for football in singapore, malaysia and thailand

Hi everyone, today will be about two things.

Firstly, third wave power, a company in Singapore that have solar chargers for sale, solar panels, power banks and other technology that brings power to the people, especially those who travel and go about their daily work.

Their website where you can buy on their online store is at

Off the grid, you can charge with the sun, reasonable priced.

Secondly, the transfer period in football in this region has a lot of changes, i will just name some, in Thailand, buriram sold theerathon, and source a left back from division 2.

The Malaysian super league, penang fa was a new head coach, nenad bacina.

In Singapore, besides mark whom i wrote, balestier bought niko, a striker from Croatia who has played in hong kong.

Here i found a video on him on YouTube, please enjoy.

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