Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Singapore national football team lost to Vietnam in aya bank cup, Gelyang international and sleague sticker book, www.bolasepako.com

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The match between Singapore and Vietnam was going to the final minute, but some points worthy of putting down are as follows.

Early in the game baihakki misses a chance with a header against Vietnam.

Near the end of the first half, a well though Singapore free kick opportunity was wasted.

In the 2nd half, early on, Vietnam blast a kick over the goal post.

Vietnam got another moment with le cong vinh.

Quak tired a shot but was blocked by the Vietnam defence, that was all that i watched.

Final score after extra time, 3 - 0, Vietnam won. We have never beat Vietnam in football for a long time.

Next i will write on gelyang international, this year in 2016, gelyang face issues with striking power upfront, some name them the draw kings in the league. How many remember the fandi who used to play in gelyang united back then in 1996.

Recently reported, mark hartmann of global fc from the Philippines is now training with the team. I hope and wish he signs with the club. I have watch him on the field, he has passion and most critically physically size.

This is the picture of the sticker book back in the days. I did not use flash as it may damage the paper as i kept in storage and took it out to share after so long.

Alongside all these, i would like to thank mister po hui from www.bolasepako.com. He has allowed me to link his blog, everyone who is interested in football in singapore or simply like football should go go, see see, look look. The pictures he takes with his camera are fabulous in detail.

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