Monday, June 6, 2016

Thailand national football team achieves victory in king's cup, dignity kitchen

The national team of Thailand triumph in glory over Jordan yesterday in the king's cup.

I watch the match after chanatip was substituted in the 2nd half, after which Jordan when on the attack, the Thais were soaking up the offensive.

Jordan tried a bicycle kick of sorts, then out of a sudden the Thais came with a counter attack and scored. This was already with a 1 goal advantage. They did it by the flanks with runners in the middle, the chonburi player kroekrit tapping in the ball.

A scare by Jordan in the 85th minute and that was pretty much it.

A fact was that i saw a Singaporean referee and a Malaysian one since i remember them from the lions xii days in the Malaysia super league and sleague.

On a side note, the cubs, the Singaporean under 21 lost, the final score was 2 - 2, in the end they lost to Vietnam during the shoot out. I wrote about this a few days ago, it must be destiny that i had written, what does goes around comes around, the spinning wheel of fortune, amusing.

Here are the highlights for the Thailand match below, enjoy.

Subsequently, i will like to share with everyone about this, The project is dignity kitchen, it is a hawker training school for the disadvantaged people in singapore with a regular food court.

This idea may not be new but like i say as usual, the effort counts. I believe it is run by a group of like minded associates. The business model also i think is like getting funding from sources like own-self, the owner, and from corporate sponsors. It functions like a social enterprise, please go and patronize, if it is good, good, if not do as you wish.

The location is at block 267, serangoon avenue 3, 2nd floor, opening hours, Monday to Sundays, 8 in the morning to the afternoon. Nearest train station is serangoon.

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