Saturday, June 11, 2016

New signings in sleague, mark and niko, johor making history.

This seems to be the football season, copa in the other parts of the world, euros.

First still in Singapore, mark from global fc has sign with gelyang. I wish all the best for him, that he scores more goals. He has set a new milestone as the first azkal.

Niko from balestier has scored on debut, instant scorer, good.

Johor the southern tigers on their media channels have put on useful information about injuries common to sports, an important note is that the club headquarters is going to be completed, build near the new stadium.

Below is the whole announcement and the concept. Johor is at the forefront of football, not just a business, but an idea, a realistic approach to sports, not forgetting the human factor. If you are wondering who is behind all this, i believe it is the prince and his team.

I salute the prince for his actions, courage, notion, a pioneer, perhaps once day visit and see for myself how the football match atmosphere is like in Malaysia.

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