Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gelyang international defeated pahang fc and the chinese super league arrives in singapore

Now for the round up of news this sunday, gelyang international manage to come back from 1 - 0 down to win the game between pahang fc from Malaysia.

Goals from the Japanese import yuki and shawal taking gelyang up to 2 - 1.

Apart from that, the Chinese super league arrived in Singapore on the screens of Singapore not long ago. Live telecast from the various channels, i watch a few matches, good crowd, cheering most of the time.

I actually heard, knew about the Chinese super league long ago, a few news, nothing much. The absorbing fact is that, the league is not just growing year by year in terms of money pumped in, i saw a former arsenal big name player in the league.

I heard his pay or salary is about 10 million, more or less that is a huge paycheck. He is still under 30, in his prime years, some say he wants the money, some say he lacks ambition. He is worth his money, that is paramount.

The league plays at a high tempo to a certain degree, tall players, supporters are there, technical levels are constant in Asian context. Finally the government is going to have a plan and build more pitches and involve more people, the best is that the football association is being privatized and received help no more from the state, then it must source for his own money. 

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