Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sleague round up with highlights video, warriors beat gelyang, Albirex beat hougang, and watching euro in a venue

The sleague information is that, warriors beat geylang 2 - 0. If you people are wondering what are these, these are football teams in singapore, geylang are wearing green, they are from the east side of singapore, warriors has relations to the west.

I will put the highlights below.

Albirex beat hougang, 2 - 1. Hougang is a local team, from the north east part of singapore, albriex is a japanese team based in singapore.

I went to a venue to watch football yesterday, in a venue that i have never been before, the atmosphere is unique, almost like watching in a stadium, minus the echo of people scolding. More of cheering, talking, actually that is what i feel supporting sports is about. It was similar to watching a movie in a indoor setting.

I encourage anyone to go watch if you decide looking at a screen at home is not your thing. Definitely you will feel better, not just the big screen, even you have a 50 inch television or things that you need by your side, in spite of that, the environment is unlike your home, the moment you watch your favorite team score, its becomes like a festival, the people, the clapping, you cannot describe the euphoria.

Now go, watch some football.

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