Monday, June 13, 2016

The great singapore sale, come and enjoy the sights and sounds of a island state

Hello readers, i have seen the numbers, most are from the English speaking world. I thank you for visiting this blog.

Since many are here viewing, me from singapore a small island state in south east Asia will like to welcome you here, or maybe share with you more stories or what's what around.

First from this month till august there is the great singapore sale, island wide retailers and online, those who participate will engage in discounts from 10 % to even 70 %.

The usual terms and conditions apply, but on the flip side, not just in the shopping malls or retail belts, you can come to this red dot to observe, feel and touch the heartbeat of heartlanders.

This means, you get to experience, the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian aspects of life. Value for money i can tell you that. A short few days will be enough for a trip to singapore. It is safe in singapore in majority areas, low crime does not mean no crime, exercise the usual precautions, remember do not leave your things unattended.

Products and services are not cheap, if compared with other places, but if you like a slice of the pie from different ethnicity from Asia, singapore is the key.

It is warm, the tropical temperature applies here with high humidity levels with low winds. If i am not wrong, tax rebates are available from changi airport if you travel by air with a certain amount.

Come enjoy the sights and sounds of a island state, a urban yet heartland singapore, more details can be found as there is a website and here is the Facebook page below.

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