Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sleague to privatize, a mini euro 2016 and copa round up

The first news is that the idea of privatizing the singapore league seems to be in discussion, i believe this notion of it has been going on for years in the scene or even longer, the old timers of the league will sure know.

As a person who has supported the idea, the league going crowd has been affected by choice and other related issues or non related issues. In this day and age what is most important is to not just talk about creating value or money, in all honesty, its about the money, who is paying, putting the food in the mouth, the bills, the education, so many factors.

The critical point is that, no strong, efficient, effective, or right management is in place to address that, whatever issues going on does not really matter. The purpose, the vision, the mission, the human element. Countless have raise this, many care, show concern, none take action.

Enough said, euro 2016, Iceland draws with Portugal, the score is 1 - 1. I do not follow Iceland football, i have watch a few videos on YouTube, level of play is there, not much crowd, but a few core supporters.

Portugal, i have watched a few of their football club teams in play. Of course everyone knows about christiano ronaldo, i even watch the movie about him. The review i can give is that, it shows a little about his life, with his son, mum, unless your a fan, doing some research, information is scare.

Football is a team sport, 10 ronaldo's cannot win 1000 nani's. If you are not given service, who you are does not matter. ludicrous it may sound, this is real, this are facts. Those looking for numbers to bet or looking for who will win the other matches, but i will put some videos for you guys to see. Please do your own checking.

Not to doubt his work effort, like i always say, his good talent or given born abilities. On the opposite side, there are other sports if you think you are good solo, golf or tennis. I bet he will not be in the top 10 in any individual sport if he has no height, never put in effort or brains, even if he has luck, many people have given him opportunity in some ways, this does help.

For the copa, Brazil seems to have been knocked out, i did not watch the full match, i heard hulk, dani alves and willian, these so called bigger names i know them.

This is a prime example, the team game is played by the players in the team, that's it. I have watched Brazil, their international matches, players have flair, style, skills, even tricks, but it is the goals, results that matter, it may be one sided comments, i did watch the highlights, Brazil have many chances, they did not convert their chances.

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